Darlene H. Vancouver, BC Canada

I purchased a couple of the TATERBAKER pouches in order for my daughter and I both to try them out. OMG were we surprised and happy at the results. Potatoes were done to perfection "in the microwave"!!! Creamy and soft inside in only 16 minutes, not the 60 minutes normally in the oven. We had tried many veggies and were thrilled with the results. Yummy corn on the cob!!! Soooo naturally I purchased a whole lot more and gave them to family and friends for Christmas, birthdays and house warming parties. They are a wash and use no fuss no bother. WIN WIN all around!!! Thanks....GREAT PRODUCT !!!

Mary G. - Oregon

Just had to write and let you know how happy I am that your TATERBAKER pouches are doing so well! I can't say enough how much we love and use ours. That goes with all of the folks that we gave the pouches to for gifts. The first thing all of them said was how yummy their baked potatoes came out. Everyone of them all swore that a microwave potato was a bad potato....until they used your pouch! Then, like myself each of them tried something different, like sweet potatoes, baked apples, zucchini, corn on the cob and the list goes on. By now you have all of the deliciously wonderful and easy recipes on your website www.taterbakerpouch.com and I love going there to see what is new. Thank-you again for making my life easier...cooler kitchen in the summer because I don't have to use the oven...easy and fast to make meals...and the list goes on.

Peggy S. - Connecticut

I love the fact that I can now cook a potato in the microwave faster then the oven and I don't burn my hands. When I cook, my friends ask if I ordered the potatoes because when cooked in the TATERBAKER pouch they turn out like restaurant style potatoes. I tell them no I cooked them in the microwave and I show them how easy the pouch is to use. It's also a very nice design and is reusable, machine wash. Thank-you for making my life easier with the TATERBAKER pouch, it makes a difference in my life.