The Original TATERBAKER Pouch

The TATERBAKER is a microwaveable cloth pouch for cooking all varieties of potatoes and a large assortment of vegetables such as corn on the cob, cauliflower, artichoke, broccoli, carrots, baked apple, winter squash, yams plus many more. It may also be utilized to warm bread and pastries.

Cooking with the TATERBAKER allows moisture to remain in the pouch. This keeps a moisture balance for food to remain moist and also retains the nutrients, natural flavor and texture of food being cooked. People are excited cooking with the TATERBAKER. We use organic dye in the inner lining so the pouch is food safe. Being designed for a microwave it saves time and energy over the use of an oven.


Easy to understand, the whole family can join in the fun of cooking. It is also great for the environment since the TATERBAKER cloth pouch is reusable and machine washable, which means many uses for a low cost. People like the convenient 9" x 13" size potato shape pouch which one person or a family of four can use.


Sholt Products takes the guesswork out of cooking with the TATERBAKER, by providing instructions for use and a Cooking Time Guide which lists 17 kitchen tested foods detailing serving size, cooking times and microwave wattage.

Starting At Only $5.95!